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Private SLP services: What to expect


Sunny Day Speech Therapy's SLP will visit your home to provide services. If you prefer, practice sessions can take place in my own home. Sessions are fun and child-centered, with as many opportunities for you to join in and take part as you are comfortable with! 

You may have a goal in mind, or a specific concern. The SLP will discuss your concerns and priorities, and take into consideration the developmental level of your child. Your concerns will be the primary focus of the therapy.


If additional speech or language concerns are noted during observation or assessment, the SLP will share these with you, and you can discuss whether you would like to incorporate additional goals into the practice sessions.

If your child has received speech-language services through public health, school, or another agency, it will be helpful for Sunny Day to be familiar with previous assessment results or goals. A "release of information" form can be signed to allow the Sunny Day SLP to contact other professionals who have worked with your child.